LBC Boston is an International Group of specialists managing a diverse and growing portfolio of real estate and business ventures.

We handle all aspects of real estate development from acquisition and strategic leasing to management and maintenance.

Our portfolio is comprised of properties throughout Greater Boston and abroad with the corporate offices located in Allston, Massachusetts.

Why choose us?

Diverse Team

Meeting clients and partners with a team of the best professionals from all over the world.


Constantly improving to meet the highest expectations of our clients.


Employing the latest technologies and methodologies in every market we serve.

Premium Support

Diverse and internationally engaged in multiple markets.

Our Vision for Quincy

We are planning to change the historical city of Quincy to one of the most developed towns in the greater Boston area.

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I have been working with LBC Boston as an indenpendent consultant. It has been a great experience working with the compnay. Great people and managment.

Sam Zamany

Barxam Consulting

I love that when I call (LBC) someone always comes.

Commercial Tenant

Since you guys bought the building its taken me a while to adjust to people actually picking up the phone and things getting fixed.


Gentle Dental